race goods

Reusable Bibs


At the end of our inaugural race there will be a bin for you to drop your bibs off so we can reuse and recycle them!

rPET race shirts


Our race shirts will be made from organic and recycled materials, as well as completely sustainable inks. This will be one of a kind!

Compostable products


There will be a water station on the course that provides compostable cups filled with water. After the event we will properly compost them!  Man, the things we do for you mother earth. 

Silicone cups


At the end of completing the race you will get a silicone cup with the race logo instead of a medal. You can't fill a medal with beer can you?

Did someone say BEER?!


Beer is environmentally friendly right? Well if not, its our only vice, you can thank us later. Finish the race, grab your silicone cup, hydrate with water first then head over to the Beer Garden.  2 beer limit, we don't want you making dumb mistakes. 

Water Station


NO SINGLE USE PLASTIC WATER BOTTLES!  The inventor (Allen Jacks) will be driving down from Georgia to let us use his water station! So use those silicone cups we gave you or bring your own reusable water bottle. 

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The overall  male and female will receive sierra nevada swag and a hand painted tile from a local 3rd grade class!

AWARDS! Age group winners


Age group winners will receive hand painted tiles from a local 3rd grade class!